New tool to request data from the IRIS DMC using BREQ_FAST entirely within MATLAB

I just wrote a little package to do BREQ_FAST requests for data from the IRIS DMC all from within MATLAB. For you MATLAB-based seismologists, this has all of the nice workflow integration of irisFetch.m within your MATLAB command line, but the speed of bulk requests offered by BREQ_FAST.

All you need to do is to define a list of stations and time windows (+ network, channel codes etc. if necessary) and these scripts will do the rest, including:

  • writing the request file
  • emailing the DMC
  • downloading the file from the DMC ftp server when it’s ready
  • extracting the data and parsing it into a handy matlab structure
  • extracting the PZ instrument response and storing it in the data structure (I have other scripts to remove response, if you want them)

You can use this tool too - get it at:

Here are some screen shots to illustrate how easy this tool is to use:

Example script for using the breq_fast request and processing tools.

The contents of the trace structure that gets written out (only showing the first element of the structure: tr(1). tr(2) contains the same sort of thing, but for the HRV station - see script above. 

The waveforms plotted for the trace shown above.